Excess Inventory Management



Whether you are looking to turn end-of-life or excess inventory, customer returns or defective product quickly, E-recycling can design and implement a solution that will maximize value recovery and velocity while adhering to all global environmental compliance standards for your surplus electronic components.

Depending upon your specific needs, E-recycling can implement flexible solutions through:

• Outright buy programs. E-recycling purchases your excess and obsolete inventory and remarkets it through our global sales channels.

• Consignment programs. E-recycling partners with your organization to take “consignment” of excess inventory. Materials are then remarketed through our global sales channels, with proceeds returned through a mutually agreed upon shared revenue program.

• Demand opportunity. E-recycling provides the quickest time to market while clients maintain possession of their inventory throughout the sales process. Features include a global infrastructure, marketing expertise and demand creation through our established end-user customer network.

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