Excess Inventory Management



You can move your excess faster because we have potential buyers already lined up.

E-recycling connects buyers and sellers quickly with our state of the art database matching service. Our OEM, CEM

 and EMS clients register their annual requirements (BOM) with us as well as any excess they wish to sell and we match buyers to sellers.

You benefit from effortless savings whenever there is excess that matches your requirements (BOM).

Reasons for partnering with E-recycling now!

• A typical component costs 25% of its value per annum to store.
• A typical component loses 25% of its original value per annum towards the end of its natural life cycle.

Joining the E-recycling Excess Re-sale programme will deliver the following benefits to your company:

• A Reduction in storage requirements.
• A Reduction in manpower demands.
• A Reduction in service costs.
• An Increase in profit, direct to your bottom line.

Send your excess or surplus stock list to Wilson@e-recycling.hk

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