Excess Inventory Management



1) Semiconductors

We would like to buy all kinds of semiconductors, Such as Integrated circuits (especially mobile phone IC, NAND flash!), Diodes, Transistors, Crystals, Inductors, Connectors, Memory, Flash, Capacitors and so on! (We are interested in both New, Used and on boards!)


2) Electronic products

We are very interested in all kinds of Electronics Product, Such as LCD (especially mobile phone LCD), Hard disk, DVD-ROM and Mobile phone Accessory and so on!

We are pretty interested in all kinds of electronics product parts, Such as Computer Parts, Mobile phone Parts, Bluetooth Parts, MP4 Parts, GPS Parts and so on!


3) All kinds of Boards

We would like to require all kinds of Boards, Such as Computer Mother Boards, Mobile phone Boards, Bluetooth Boards, MP3 and MP4 boards and so on!



We are looking forward to buying lots of Scrap, Faulty, Non-working PC systems, Hard drives, Mother Boards and PCB's.

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