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Electronics Recycling International Limited was founded in 1999 with the mission of providing private companies, local, central government and institutions with electronics recycling solutions that represent a viable, economical alternative to environmental contamination. Clients rely on us for an efficient, cost-effective way to recycle electronics equipment, minimize liability risks, eliminate warehousing fees and ensure that proprietary information is completely removed through data destruction.

Electronics Recycling International Limited is also a trade company specialized in surplus electronic components management with offices located in ShenZhen and Hong Kong. Electronics Recycling International Limited is dedicated in helping domestic as well as foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) Contract equipment manufacturers (CEMs) and agents in appraisal, management and disposal of excess Inventory. ERIL has gained vast experience in Excess Inventory Management through its over 10 years development and has become the reliable partner for the domestic and foreign OEM manufacturers.

Electronics Recycling International Limited is one of the most specialized surplus electronic components management companies in China with strong finance and ability to deal with large inventory transactions. With 10 years of experience in managing surplus electronic components and sharp market insight, ERIL has the developed expertise and vast experience in dealing with the most complex issues in excess inventory to maximize the value recovery for the clients. At the meantime, ERIL is in strict compliance with the global environmental regulations and standards and committed to keep the intellectual property rights confidential for our clients.

The business scope of Electronics Recycling International Limited mainly includes computers, mobile phones, digital products and communication equipment (electronic components, half-finished products, Finished products and scrap materials) With 4000 square meters independent warehouses and well developed Logistic systems in Hong Kong. Electronics Recycling International Limited provides strong support for the excess inventory management. The operating model at ERIL is very flexible and offers a series of Excess Inventory solutions. ERIL also provides customized services to meet the needs of the various types of clients. Additionally, the clients benefit from ERIL broad range of trade partners, which enable the company to locate the best buyer globally and complete the transaction.

The professional service and market insight of ERIL helps the clients to dispose the questionable inventory rapidly, reduce Inventory expense and turn the questionable inventory into the cash. In doing so, the maximized values can be realized from the surplus inventory.

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